Top ten book of 2010

2010 is over, I read 51 books which isn't as many as I wanted to read but with 3 boys under the age of four I guess 51 books isn't too bad. So here is my list of the best books I read in 2010.

#10     Iron Fey series

 Book 1                                                                           Book 1.5                                                   Book 2

Book 3 The Iron Queen comes out February 2011 and I can't wait to read it!

#9      The Hunger Games Series

Book 1                                                       Book 2                                                     Book 3

Book 3 maybe should be taken out of my top 10 list because I wasn't too impressed, but the first two books were so good that as a series it's still in my top 10.

Book 8         Fablehaven Book 5 Keys to the Demon Prison

I loved the whole series but this is the only one I read in 2010

Book 7     Fire, The seven Kingdoms #2

Book 6   Darkest Powers series

 Book 1                                                       Book 2                                                        Book 3

I wasn't sure about these books at first but after making it through the whole series I was hooked.

Book 5       Warbreaker

This was by far the most original book I have read this year, I don't think there is another book like it. I have to admit there were parts that were over my head and I didn't understand everything but that didn't stop me from really loving this book.

Book 4       The Secret Of Ka

It was so nice to read a book about genies after all of the vampire and werewolf books I read this year.

Book 3      Forest of Hands and Teeth series

 Book 1                                                                         Book 2

Book 3 The Dark and Hollow Places comes out March 2011 and it's one of the books I am most looking forward to reading this year.

Book 2 Shifters Series

Book 1                                                          Book 2                                                        Book 3

 Book 4                                                       Book 5                                                         Book 6

My Favorite werewolf series I have read so far.

And my FAVORITE book of 2010

 Graceling was amazing, original, fast paced and just one of my favorite books of all times!

I am excited for all of the books I plan to read in 2011, I have a lot of good books on my list of to read books!

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Brenda said...

I think we've discussed that I liked Fire better than Graceling, but both were wonderful. And Warbreaker was awesome, I'm glad you liked it. You need to read more by Sanderson--try The Way of Kings next. It was my favorite read of 2010, I think.