Christmas Letters

Christmas Letters
by Debbie Macomber
Why I read it; Wanted a Christmas story for the Christmas season.
272 pages

Katherine's (K.O.) sister read a book called The Free Child written by a child psychologist  and has decided to raise her children the way the book suggests. The book has turned her sisters twin girls into little monsters and as a result Katherine thinks the author of the book is a complete idiot. After meeting the author of the book they instantly fall in love with each other they decide not to talk about his job or his feelings on children at all. Like all love storys there is a happily ever after but don't expect it to be realistic at all.

My review;
This is kind of a spoiler review but not really, I mean we all know how all romance books end don't we, happily ever after.

This is a hard review for me because I really enjoyed reading this book but at the same time there were a lot of things that really bothered me about it too. I think the best way to review this book is to give a list of the things that bothered me and then sum it all up with why I liked it.

Things that bugged me

1- Katherine's nickname being K.O. it's just dumb I trained myself to call her Katherine every time it said K.O. because it bothered me so much.
2-So many times the people in the book acted like 2 year olds, it was SO DRAMATIC that it wasn't fun to read because adults would never act the way they do in this book. Examples; When Katherine first meets Wynn she starts off all nice to him and the goes crazy screaming at him in a public place. I know she dislikes his books but really who would do that to someone famous who you have never met in a public place? Plus she never even read his book which seemed crazy to me, you can't hate something you don't know anything about.
3- When Katherine introduces Lavonne to Max this nice sweet kitty all the sudden goes crazy like a rabid animal and attacks Max. Then there is so much blood all over everything but Max doesn't even need stitches. Then Max although normal up until this point starts acting like a crazy man who is going to sue Lavonne over the cat incident and fakes amnesia then a few chapters later he is a normal man again and with no explanation why marrying Lavonne.
4- The ending was so rushed, it was like the author looked up from writing and realized that her book was due to be finished so she wrapped it up in like 3 pages. All of the sudden after babysitting 2 naughty kids Wynn decides that he is wrong and is going to write a retract his last book and write a new book saying kids do need boundaries. It just doesn't make sense at all, didn't Wynn a child psychologist who works with children every day do any research or have any proof his theories worked before writing a book? Then one day he babysits twin girls who's mother read his book and raising them like it says, when he sees how naughty they are then all of the sudden he realizes he is wrong. You would think he would have realized that before publishing a best selling book right? So Katherine knocks on Wynn's door says she loves him, he says his book is wrong they decide to get married and have kids and Max and Lavonne are engaged all in a few pages.
5- And lastly, it bugs me that without even discussing important issues like how they will raise their own children they decide to get married and start a family and everything turns out happily ever after. It would never happen, people who disagree on important matters like how children should be raised in such a big way should never have children unless they want to eventually get divorced.

But really at the end of it all it is a cute little Christmas romance. The characters are funny and mostly likable even if they aren't realistic. The story is funny and made me want to keep reading. The language was good and I like a romance where there aren't sex scenes and groping, those kind of romance books just aren't my type of romance.

Read this book if you are in the mood for a mushy sweet romantic book that you won't try to take to seriously.
I would rate this book a B- or a C+, not the best book ever but I enjoyed it and would read more by this author.

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