Voices of Dragons

Voices of Dragons                           Carrie Vaughn

This was an enjoyable read and towards the end especially hard to put down. 

Kay is out hiking one day when she falls into a fast moving stream and is saved by a young Dragon. Kay and Artegal (the dragon) become friends and Kay builds a harness and even learns to ride him. Everything goes downhill when the army provokes the Dragons and a war begins. When everyone finds out Kay is friends with a Dragon the army tries to use Kay to spy on the Dragons and to trap Artegal.

Sometimes I felt the story was a little flat like there could have been a deeper storyline, it almost seemed dumbed down a little too much. 

The love story was fantastic, it was sweet and age appropriate. There were a few quotes in the book that I was not impressed with like " 17 is too old to be a virgin..." It kind of makes sense in the end why quotes like that were used but still the book would have been better without it. 

The book doesn't really end, the ending kind of reminded me of The Giver, I don't know if that is just the end or if there will be another book, if there is another book it is one I would like to read. 

I would like to read more by this author, maybe some of her books not directed towards young readers. I like my story lines a little more complicated than this story. 

I would recommend this to young teens and anyone else looking for a sweet fairly quick read with a simple storyline.

page count- 309 Grade- B Why I Read it- Found it at the library

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