The Shop on Blossom Street

Grade B+            Page count 416     

I liked this book a lot, I don't think it is a book everyone would enjoy but it is exactly what I was in the mood for. 

Lydia a 2 time cancer survivor opens a yarn shop and offers knitting lessons. Three very different women join the knitting class for a variety of reasons. Lydia is happy to be alive but desperately missing her father who was her main support through her cancer but died of a heart attack. Lydia has a very strained relationship with her only sister but in the end they all learn to love and understand one another and Lydia learns to truly love again. 

Jaqueline a 50 something wealthy woman joins to learn to knit a baby blanket for her soon to be born granddaughter. Jaqueline struggles with the pregnancy of her daughter in law because she feels her only son married beneath him but she is determined to be a great grandmother anyways. As the story progresses Jaquline learns not to judge people just by how they look or how much money they have. Jaquline's love story with her husband is romantic and has a nice happy ending which I loved. 

Carol put of starting a family to pursue her career, now her and her husband are desperately trying to get pregnant. Carol has had 2 IVF treatments both ending in early miscarriages, her insurance will only help pay for one more try. Carol joins the knitting class to knit a baby blanket for the child she so desperately wants. Carol is my favorite character in the book, she is sweet and honest and kind and I just loved everything about her. 

Alix is in her early 20's, she has a very troubled past and has no contact with either of her parents. Alix has dreams of becoming a chef and leading a normal healthy life but her past tends to stand in her way. Alix is stuck living with a lazy room mate who is even more troubled than Alix and is stuck working in a movie rental place. Alix meets Jordan a preacher and a sweet relationship begins to start.  Alix joins the knitting group as a way of serving community service hours she got for a drug bust even though the drugs weren't hers. 

I loved all of these womens stories, I love how they all become good friends and that each of their stories has a happy ending. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series. 

I'm not really sure who to recommend this book to. I know I enjoy knitting but Im not very good at it and I don't do it often. I guess read this if you are in the mood for some good life lessons, some sweet innocent romance and a nice happy ending.

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