One Hundred Candles

One Hundred Candles
By Mara Purnhagen
235 pages on my Sony Reader
Grade A-

The author of One Hundred Candles was so kind and allowed me to upload this book onto my reader from Netgally and I am so grateful she did. I was not able to read the first book of the series because unfortunately my library doesn't carry it, but it is one I am going to have to get my hands on so I can read it because I really enjoyed this book. Even though I didn't read the first book (yet) I didn't really feel lost reading the second book, there were things that were talked about from the first book that I wish I could know more about but it didn't stop me from enjoying this book. Charlotte is finally settled into a home and a school and is the daughter of famous parents who travel around debunking hauntings. Trouble starts when Charlotte's mom begins believing in the supernatural while her father firmly holds onto the belief that strange happenings are the result of residual energy left behind. Charlotte tries to balance a new romance a few new friendships, school, her parents fighting and the supernatural happenings all around her.
There were so many original ideas in what could have turned into a typical girl sees ghost story. I love the idea of residual energy and the power of good thoughts. I love that most things in this book dealing with the supernatural turned out to be hoaxes because when there were real demons or ghost it made it all the more intense. I loved the mixture of mystery, romance, family, friends, school, death, faith, friendship, belief and disbelief in this story. There were so many different aspects that it kept the story from getting boring even when nothing was happening. I know I like a book when I am excited to pick it up and reluctant to put it down and that is how I felt with this book.
There were only two things I could think of that I didn't love about this book. 1- Something would be happening and then all of the sudden the chapter would be over and a new one would start and a few days had past. It only took a page or two to pick up again but I found myself being pushed out of the story a little at the end of each chapter. 2- I don't know if I just missed it or what but one minute Charlotte's parents were on the brink of divorce and then the next minute he dad believed everything and they were in love again. Like I said maybe there were signs I missed because I was so into the whole demon chasing Chloe thing that I might have just missed it. Other than that though this book was awesome, I can't wait to read book #3 and book #1 in this series. Thanks again to the author Mara Purnhagen for allowing me to read your book! 


Brenda said...

The first one was on netgalley at one point--have you checked to see if it's still there?

Felicia H. said...

I looked and didn't see it but I don't know if I looked in all the right places.