Wake me for the resurrection

Title; Wake me for the Resurrection
Author; Robert Kirby, Pat Bagley
Page count; 151
Why I read it; Found it on my bookshelf and had nothing else
to do while my husband was watching football.
Grade; A-

In their second collaborative effort, Salt Lake Tribune columnist Robert Kirby and cartoonist Pat Bagley further explore the deeper meaning of life behind the Zion Curtain. Kirby's wry observations of Mormonite behavior and Bagley's revealing pen lay bare the ironies and perplexities  of serving under the iron rod, proving once and for all that there is life after Sunday School-even if it's still evolving.

My review;
There is something funny about a Mormon poking fun at other Mormons and some of our silly traditions like green Jello. I wouldn't read this book if you are overly staunchy Mormon who is easily offended. But if you are a Mormon with a sense of humor or not a Mormon but are familiar with Mormons it is a hilarious book with some good reminders on being like Christ and not getting so stuck in what we believe. Here are some quotes from the book that made me laugh and will give you a feel for his writing style.

(On sitting through church)
"Pew squirming makes parents mad. 'Pay attention' is what they say to squirming kids, which makes about as much sense to a kid as "Breathe through your belly button." it can't be done.

"Overall packing guns into church is a bad idea. Mainly because history has proven that when it comes to human beings, religion is a dangerous weapon all by itself."

(on birth control)
"Although I come from a shamefully small Mormon family of five children, I'm not necessarily against big families. I once asked my dad, and orthodox Mormon, why he and mom didn't have more kids. He said because killing teenagers was a bigger sin than preventing their birth in the first place."

The one thing I didn't like about this book is that he kept referring to people that I have never heard of before. I assume they are famous people who were before my time which isn't hard considering I wasn't even born until 1987. I think if you know who these people are the book will be even more funny than I thought it was and I got a lot of good laughs out of this book.

Read this book if you are a Mormon, used to be a Mormon or know Mormons, it's funny funny funny.

The comics were as funny as the book, here are just three of the ones that I liked.

This chapter talked about how scientist have been trying to figure out if there is a gene that makes some people more prone to doing bad things or if God created everyone equal. He put a really funny twist on it.

 With three car seats shoved in the back of my car this comic totally spoke to me.

 In the chapter with this comic he was talking about how many people think Mormons are weird and Mormons thing a lot of other people are weird when the truth is we are all weird. 

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