Motor City Fae

Title; Motor City Fae
Genre; Fiction, Romance
Page Count; 224
Why I read it; Netgalley review copy
Grade; B
Publication Date; June 7th 2010

Detroit artist Meagan Kelly has had a strong sixth sense all her life, but that doesn't mean the gorgeous stranger's crazy story—that she's a half-elf, half human heiress—is true. But Meagan can't deny the evidence of her own eyes—he's Fae. A tall, blond, handsome, pointy-eared elf—and a man she just can't get enough of.

Ric Thornhill's assignment just got a lot more complicated. The more time he spends with Meagan, the harder it is to see her as a political tool to prevent an all-out war between humans and Fae.Now Meagan's in a race to master her newly released powers in time to prevent the conflict, convince a jealous Queen not to strip Ric of his powers, and find out if she can build a life that straddles two worlds.

My review;
** spoiler alert ** Minor Spoilers in my review, it was hard to express some of my feelings about the book with taking certain examples from the story.

I really enjoyed so many things about this book. Firstly it was very easy to get involved in the story. The story line was very original as far as fantasy books involving Fae and other magical creatures go. The story never got boring or slow, it kept me turning pages until the very end. I loved that she gave detailed descriptions of the characters and of the fantasy world she created in her story without going overboard and killing you with the details. I loved that Meagan is strong and successful and can do things all by herself and doesn't rely anyone to take care of her and do everything for her even after she falls in love. Most everything about the book was great but there were a few things that could have been changed that would have made me, personally enjoy it more. One thing in the story that I didn't enjoy so much because it was so overdone was there were too many sex scenes. It seems that Meagan and Ric could never ever ever be alone together without ripping each others clothes off. I guess I just expected a little more of a fantasy, romance type book and less erotica to me 20 sex scenes isn't romance it's just sex. After a few times reading page after page of sex I found myself skimming which was frustrating because there were so many exciting things going on in the story that I would have liked to keep reading about. Also there really isn't much of a climax to the story. There is so much build up of the danger to Meagan and so many people assigned to protect her, but when it finally comes down to it three (ish) pages later she is fine and all the worry is over and and everyone goes to live happily ever after. Don't get me wrong I love a good happily ever after I just like when they really have to work at it, and there are some major nail biting parts before they get there. This is the first in the series though so the author may just be getting started with the intense action. I guess my biggest complaint about the book is all of the build up to so many problems and dangers and then feeling like the parts that should be the most intense and all of the things you have been waiting for are skimmed over. Like with Ric's relationship with the queen, he is so terrified for her to find out how he feels for Meagan and spends page after page worrying and trying to find a solution and then Meagan gets snotty and says something really obvious to the queen and the queen almost smiles, gives up and everything is over.
I feel like I have spent too much time on the negatives though, I really had a fun time reading this book and it is definitely a series I would continue to read. With a little more action and a little less build up in the next books it would totally fix 99% of my complaints about this book, the other 1% would be 2 or 3 less sex scenes.

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