Mercy a fallen angel continuously wakes up in other women/girls bodies. Mercy doesn't know who she is or why these things are happening to her. Mercy wakes up in the body of Carmen a teenage singer who has traveled to a small town with her choir group, she is staying with a volunteer family. She decides to help Ryan her host families son find his missing twin sister who disappeared two years ago.

This wasn't a bad book but not one of my favorite books or one I would read again. Too much time was spent on things that just didn't matter, like page after page after page about choir practice. Then at the end when it should have been really exciting and tense it was mostly just rushed and confusing. I'm not really sure who is bad and who is good in this book at all which is frustrating because you don't know who to like or who to hate. Really I only liked the style of writing, and the idea of the story, the rest was just lacking for me. On the plus side even though I didn't love the story it wasn't hard to keep reading the writing was good and the story has potential, I might even read the second book because the story might actually go somewhere because the idea of the book is really fun. 

Grade C

Average book, not to hard to keep reading but not one I am excited about.

The cover is pretty but vague 

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