The Lipstick Laws

This was a fun short read, although the writing was a little young for me. Brittney is a very very mean popular girl. April becomes friends with Brittney and her gang of girl friends and ends up signing the ridiculous lipstick laws. The lipstick laws are a list of rules all of the girls must follow to remain in the group, including how they talk, dress, act and date. April breaks one of the lipstick laws and gets kicked out of the group and that gives her the idea to form the lipstick lawbreakers. April finds other girls who have been kicked out of Brittney's group and they begin to devise a way to take Brittney down once and for all.
In a lot of the reviews I read everyone talked about how much they liked the character April. I didn't I honestly think she was as shallow about looks and boys as Brittney was the only difference was she didn't have as much opportunity to  be as mean to as many people because she didn't have as many friends. April does come around a little in the very end but seriously if I had a daughter who was so shallow and mean and judgmental as April I would be very disappointed. At least Brittney had a reason to be such a jerk considering her terrible past. April on the other hand had a good life and a great family her only problem was small boobs.
I really did enjoy the writing in this book it was easy to get into and I didn't ever loose interest while reading. I also love the slang the author uses it really gave the feel that the story was about teenage girls.
I would recommend this book to tween and younger teen girls or anyone who likes books set in a high school setting.

Grade B+

Book Cover Grade A+
I love the cover it definitely grabs your attention.

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