Title; Stolen
Author; Vivian Vande Velde
Page count; 158
Why I read it; Liked the cover and was in the mood for a non love story.
Grade A-

The same day that the villagers of Thornstowe finally hunt down a witch with a reputation for stealing children, a 12-year-old appears in the woods with no memory of her past. Is there a connection between Isabelle, the girl who doesn t know who she is, and the girl the witch stole six years earlier? One of the few things Isabelle remembers is a chant that keeps running through her head:
Old as dirt,
dirty as dirt.
Ugly as sin,
mean as sin.
Don t let the old witch catch you!
Could Isabelle have been stolen by the old witch of the woods, or has she lost her memory as the result of an accident? And what about the baby the witch stole right before the villagers attacked? Did either the witch or the baby survive the fire the villagers set?

My review;
I really enjoyed this book. It is pretty short and an easy read which is what I was in the mood for, probably why I enjoyed this book so much. I liked that the ending wasn't so predictable, I only guessed half of the ending. The cover of the book is intriguing and made me excited to read the book but in all honesty it doesn't really fit with the story at all. This book isn't scary and the forest is always talked about as a pretty place which doesn't really come across in the cover. This book was written for kids Jr. High age but I really enjoyed the original story and the characters were developed enough to like or dislike the people but no so long winded that you get bored or annoyed. Read this if you are in the mood for a quick easy read, a little mystery and overall a happy ending.


Brenda said...

That cover looks creepy! Sometimes it's nice to read a book without a love story.

Felicia H. said...

The cover is super creepy but the book isn't at all. It was a fun one to read.