Complete Idiot's Guide To Natural Child Birth

Title; Complete Idiot's Guide to Natural Child Birth
Author; Jennifer L. West, Deborah S. Romaine
Page Count; 336
Why I read it; I am pregnant and want to have a drug free birth
Grade B+

Thoughtful planning so mom and her supporters are ready when the baby is...

A midwife helps expecting mothers decide how natural they want their labor to be, what birthing methods are available, and the type of professional they want present. It helps women weigh factors, prepare mentally, make important decisions, and plan ahead for successful delivery and beyond.

*Only book covering the spectrum of natural birthing methods, and has a medical authority's vetting

*Expert author is a certified professional midwife and certified hypno-birthing childbirth educator

*Covers all aspects of natural birthing, from planning before women become pregnant through breastfeeding

   About the Author

Jenny West, LM, CPM, HBCE, is a registered, licensed midwife in New Mexico and a certified hypnobirthing childbirth educator. Jenny has attended over 850 births, and her practice specializes in water birth and hypnobirthing. She also teaches childbirth classes. Deborah S. Romaine is a health and senior encyclopedia writer as well as co author of dozens of books.

My Review; This book made me feel a lot more confidant about my ability to give birth without the use of an epidural, other pain drugs or an IV. One of the things I like most about this book is that it was full of new information that I haven't heard or read about before but it never gets boring to read. The only thing about this book that I felt unsure about is the claim that childbirth without drugs doesn't have to be painful. The book says  that it is intense and there will be a lot of pressure and squeezing but that pain doesn't have to be part of the experience. I can hope that is true but I have talked to people who have had natural child births and they do all talk about how great of an experience it was but no one has ever mentioned it being pain free. I would recommend this book to anyone having a baby. No matter what kind of birth you want to have it never hurts to be informed on all of the options and risks to every choice.

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